EnGenius EPA2406FP

888.00 грн.

Passive 24V Compatible 10/100 Single Port PoE Adapter

Delivers both data & power to Passive 24V PoE compatible APs/devices

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The EnGenius Passive 24V Fast Ethernet PoE Adapter gives network administrators the flexibility to extend power to passive 24V PoE compatible network devices in locations where power outlets may not be readily available, such as on ceilings or in crawl spaces, while also connecting them to the company network. By combining high speed fast Ethernet and power over the same CAT5/6 cable, the EPA2406FP ensures maximum device performance.

  • Fast Ethernet in & out ports for high-speed devices
  • Disconnect, short-circuit & surge protection ensures reliable, secure connections
  • Mounts to walls or ceilings with included hardware

Technical Specifications


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